SPARK3D User Manual
Analyzing Corona results

Corona configuration provides the input breakdown power threshold of the selected regions of the structure. The simulation process can be followed in the info tab of the GUI: a sweep in input power is shown as the simulation runs, indicating how the simulator tries to approach to the Corona breakdown threshold level.

The existence of results in a Corona configuration is emphasized by the Results tree icon, which is highlighted when there are results and is dimmed otherwise.

Corona configuration results can be analyzed in its corresponding results window, which can be opened:

Corona results window

The results of the analysis are given both in graphic and tabular form to make their interpretation easier. There are two tables and one graph in Results window, as can be seen in the following figure:


The data represented in the graph can be saved into an image file or a CSV file by using the right-click options "Export to Image" and "Export to CSV" on the graph.