SPARK3D User Manual
Creating a new solution/project

New Solution

In order to create a new Solution, you can click directly the New Solution button in the Tool bar or File->New Solution in the Menu bar.


By doing so, an empty Solution with an empty Project is created, and the Importation Window pops up asking for the EM field file to be imported.

Once you select an EM field file, a Model is generated importing the corresponding mesh and EM field. The Model contains default Configurations and Video Configurations both for Multipactor and Corona simulations.


New Project

You can also add a new Project in an existing Solution by simply clicking right-button on the Solution item in the SPARK3D tree. By doing so, the Importation Window will pop up, being the process, from this point, the same as when creating a new Solution.


Note: If the importation is canceled, an empty project will appear in the SPARK3D tree. Afterwards, it is possible to import a new EM Field by clicking right-button on the Project item in the tree and clicking Import Mesh.