SPARK3D User Manual
Creating or modifying a model (Importing or replacing the RF EM field)

Creating a Model (Importing the external RF EM Field).

One may want to create a new Model at different levels:

In order to create a new Model inside an already existing Project, you can right-click on the Project item in the SPARK tree, and select Import Mesh, as shown next,

By doing so, the Importation Window pops up asking for the mesh file with the EM field to be imported.


It allows importing the electromagnetic field computed with some of the most widespread electromagnetic simulation software tools (see Mesh export from external software):

Once an EM field file is selected, a Model is generated importing the corresponding mesh and EM field. The Model contains default Configurations and Video Configurations both for Multipactor and Corona simulations.

Editing a Model (Replacing the EM Field).

In some cases, it may happen that, after creating different configurations and performing different simulations, you want to repeat them over a different  EM Field (Model). For this purpose, you can replace the mesh and the EM Field by simply right-clicking on the Model item in the SPARK3D tree and selecting Replace Mesh.

By doing so, the Importation Window will pop up, being the process to follow the same as when importing a new mesh.

Alternatively, you can open the Model Window by double-clicking on the Model item in the SPARK3D tree, and then click on the Replace Mesh File button on that window.


Attention: The replace mesh process will automatically erase all the results obtained with the previous EM field file.