SPARK3D User Manual
Creating or modifying regions

Creating Regions

In order to create a new region, you can click right-button on the Analysis Regions item in the SPARK3D tree, and select the Add Region option.

This action will open the Analysis Regions Window, where the dimensions and position of the newly created region can be defined.


In this window, you can create new regions by:

Note: One can also copy and paste regions directly in the SPARK3D tree.

Editing Regions

In order to edit regions, you can open the Analysis Regions Window by doing double-click on the Analysis Regions item of the SPARK3D tree, or by right-clicking on the region item of the SPARK3D tree and selecting the Edit option, as follows,

Once the region dimensions and position in the Analysis Regions Window have been set, you can visualize all regions by clicking the Visualize button.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the region item of the tree and select Visualize 3D. In this second case, you will only visualize the region selected together with the circuit.

 More information about visualizing regions is available at Visualizing a Model and its regions.

Let's suppose that you have performed a simulation on a particular analysis region. If you edit any of the region's parameters and you click the OK button in the Analysis Regions Window, the results associated to that particular region will be deleted.