SPARK3D User Manual
Running Corona video

Alternatively to a corona analysis, it is possible to record a video of the electron density growing inside the 3D structure for a particular input power above the breakdown threshold.

In order to set the Corona video parameters, you must

Video Corona configuration window will be opened.




  1. Video for element / region : RectangularRegion 1 
  2. Input Power (W): 243
  3. Pressure (mBar): 9
  4. Number of Frames: 15
  5. Accuracy: High
  6. Stop criterion: Maximum electron density aprox. (e/cm^3): 1000

The remaining parameters, such as gas type and temperature, are defined in the Configuration window. Press Run button and the video generation will start.

The video is saved inside the solution and, as in any other configuration, if the video configuration parameters are modified, the existing video will be erased.

When the simulation is finished, the video is automatically open with Paraview. 3D rotations, perspective customization and zoom are allowed on recorded animations. Play, pause, forward and backward buttons can be found on top.

In the tree located on the left of Paraview window, there are different visualizations of the electron density evolution:

You can enable/disable each one by clicking on the eye located in their left side.

The video can be exported in Paraview using File -> Save Animation... The video size, duration and format can be chosen as shown in the following pictures.