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SPARK3D is a general software tool  for Radio Frequency (RF) breakdown analysis. It is based on powerful and accurate numeric algorithms for predicting both Corona (arcing) and Multipactor breakdown onsets, which are two of the main high power effects that can severely damage a device. In this context, it is the final objective of this software tool to help the microwave components designing/manufacturing industries to decrease both the time to market and the development costs for the next generation of communication systems.


SPARK3D is an efficient software tool for the accurate analysis of high power effects in RF structures. It imports the electromagnetic field computed with some of the most widespread electromagnetic simulation software tools like:

Besides, SPARK3D, is also able to incorporate arbitrary external DC fields to the simulation, either Electric or Magnetic, computed with ANSYS® MAXWELL, or by importing rectangular CSV format mesh files.

SPARK3D offers a great versatility and is the first commercial software capable to compare high power results using different electromagnetic kernels.

Multipactor analysis

The Multipactor module is based on a full 3D electron tracker that employs a Leap-Frog algorithm for the path integration and the Vaughan model for SEY characterization of materials. This technique allows the analysis of Multipactor in complicated structures which involve arbitrary shapes in short computational times.

Corona analysis

Corona module is based on a numeric algorithm that uses an adapted FEM technique to solve the free electron density continuity equation. This technique allows the analysis of Corona in complicated structures which involve arbitrary shapes in short computational times.


There are few limitations when importing fields: