SPARK3D User Manual
Corona Analysis

Corona discharge analysis involves computing the breakdown power threshold for a range of pressures of several regions defined by the user in a specific device. This is the objective of what we call a Corona configuration. The breakdown power calculated is the input power at the entrance of the device. 

On top of that, a video of the gas discharge ocurring for a certain power level and pressure can be recorded by means of what we call a Corona video configuration, which is defined in the framework of a certain Corona configuration.

The following items shall be considered:

What is a Corona Analysis?
Brief description of the phenomenon and the current SPARK3D Corona analysis features.
Setting a Corona configuration
It is described how to create a new Corona configuration and how to set its parameters.
Running/Stopping a Corona configuration
An explanation on how to run or stop a Corona simulation is given.
Analyzing Corona results
It is explained how to visualize and analyze the output results of a Corona discharge simulation.
Recording and playing a Corona video
Corona video parameters are considered in detail and it is also explained how to create, open and run a Corona video configuration.
Corona considerations
Some important considerations are taken into account: Corona limitations you should be aware of, possible errors and solutions or workarounds to them, and other non-trivial properties of the use of Corona configurations.