SPARK3D User Manual
Corona Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to run your first Corona simulation with SPARK3D. It presents a guided example for which the whole Corona analysis process is explained step-by-step using lowpass_HFSS.spkx file located in Examples->TutorialExamples folder, distributed with the installation of the software. It is divided in 5 parts:

  1. Preliminaries shows you how to create new models by importing EM solutions from compatible external EM software.
  2. Specifying Regions describes you how to define regions of interest where the analysis of Corona can be focused.
  3. Running a Corona configuration. The main parameters are set for Corona analysis and the simulation is launched. An overview of the Corona output is given.
    1. Running Corona video. We set the parameters to record a Corona video and describe how to play it.
  4. Analysis of Corona Results shows you how to interpret and visualize the output data.