SPARK3D User Manual
Visualizing a model and its regions

In order to visualize the 3D structure with the EM field imported, you can select the Model under study in the SPARK3D tree and click on the View Model button in the Menu bar. Alternatively, right-click over the Model item in the tree and select Visualize 3D.

By doing so, Paraview is launched showing the EM field imported together with all the regions defined by the user. If DC fields have been imported, they are shown as well.

If you want to visualize the mesh and EM field selected by a particular region or a particular DC field imported, just right-click the region or the DC field item in the SPARK3D tree and select Visualize 3D.

It is important to remark that when you visualize a region from the SPARK3D tree, you see the mesh cut and the EM field imported. If you want to visualize the box that defines your region, you can do it from the Analysis Regions Window (see Creating/ editing regions). In that case, you see the following: