SPARK3D User Manual
What is a SPARK3D solution? How is it structured?

Solution is the top-level entity in SPARK3D. It is merely a container of Projects.

You can open/create as many solutions as you need. Each saved Solution corresponds to a SPARK3D file, whose extension is spkx. Indeed, the Solution name is the name of the file. Moreover, for each SPARK3D file, there may exist a folder with the same name containing all the Solution results (if any). This folder and the SPARK3D file are located in the same directory.

A Solution may contain as many Projects as needed

Project may host different Models.

Model is the entity that contains the circuit/component under study and the configurations (Multipactor or Corona) applied in the analysis. For this reason, the four main sections that form a Model are:


SPARK3D 2016 is compatible with SPARK3D 1.6.x. One can open an old version file (spk extension) and work with it. When saving it, the software will automatically ask the user to save it as a new version file (spkx extension).