Analysis of Corona Results
Analysis of Multipactor Results
Analyzing Corona results
Analyzing Multipactor results
Computing voltage
Corona Analysis
Corona considerations
Corona Tutorial
Creating a new solution/project
Creating or modifying a model (Importing or replacing the RF EM field)
Creating or modifying regions
Importing or using DC fields
Mesh export from external software
Multipactor Analysis
Multipactor practical considerations
Multipactor Tutorial
Recording and playing a Corona video
Recording and playing a Multipactor video
Running Corona mode
Running Corona video
Running Multipactor mode
Running Multipactor video
Running-Stopping a Corona configuration
Running-Stopping a Multipactor configuration
Setting a Corona configuration
Setting a Multipactor configuration
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Specifying Regions
Specifying Regions
Visualizing a model and its regions
What is a Corona analysis?
What is a Multipactor analysis?
What is a SPARK3D solution? How is it structured?