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Synthesis of dual-mode filters

This tool is capable to automatically design dual mode filters. The filter structure considered is composed of circular cavities connected between them through rectangular or cross irises. Additionally, coupling and tuning screws are placed inside each cavity.

It is possible to synthesize four, five, six, eight, ten and twelve pole filters, by using the resonant modes TE111, TE112, TE113, TE114 and TE115. Also, transmission zeros can be used in order to equalize the group delay.

Besides, this design tool is very versatile, and the user can define not only the electromagnetic response specifications, but also many geometrical parameters like the cavity radius, the iris and screws thickness or the input/output waveguides.

The design process has been fully automatized and achieves very accurate results in short computational times (typically, 5 minutes for a four-pole filter and 15 minutes for an eight-pole filter, measured in a standard PC).

You can see a video showing the procedure for the synthesis of a dual-mode filter in the link below:

Watch video dual-mode filter synthesis Fest3D

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