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Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The Graphical User Interface is a pure Java program, which allows its use in different operating systems. The GUI offers a user-friendly, intuitive CAD-like interface to the user and allows interactively edit, analyse (invoking the EMCE) and optimise (invoking the Optimizer) a microwave or millimetre wave circuit.

Moreover, the GUI supports the same set of components implemented in the EMCE, and lets the user easily create, modify, connect, delete, cut and paste components. The GUI offers to the user an easy-to-use and versatile interface to control all aspects of the other tools (EMCE, optimizer and all installed extensions) with single clicks and can graphically show the analysis results by driving the 'gnuplot' program.

Due to the used Java language and to the careful design, new components (waveguides and junctions) and new extensions can be added to the GUI without even recompiling it. A snapshot of the GUI is presented in figure. It shows the main window of FEST3D where the user builds the microwave device to be analysed by connecting the different elements (waveguides and discontinuities between waveguides).

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