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FEST3D includes the possibility to automatically design several types of components from the user specifications. Up to know, the user can easily design dual-mode filters, band-pass filters, low-pass filters and rectangular tapers.

The synthesis stage performs full-wave simulations to consider higher waveguide modes. Thanks to this and to particular algorithms employed in each case, the synthesis process provides very good responses with respect to the user specifications.

Once the synthesis process is finished, the full structure is simulated and the full-wave result compared to the theoretical one.

- In version 6.8:
- The dual-mode synthesis tool now works with the TE111, 112, 113, 114 & 115 modes.
- Extension of the dual-mode synthesis tool to allow for automatic group delay equalization.

- In version 6.7:
- Extension of the dual-mode synthesis tool to 4,5,6,8,10 & 12 poles.

- In version 6.6:
- Bandpass synthesis tool: More types of geometries including metal inserts and posts.
- Dual-mode synthesis tool: Synthesis for narrowband dual-mode filters based on cylindrical resonators (4 and 8 poles).

- In version 6.5, advanced synthesis tools for lowpass filters have been added, including rectangular w and w/o rounded corners, coupled iris filters and coaxial lowpass filters. In all cases, post-optimization is barely required due to the consideration of high-order modes during the synthesis procedure.

- In version 6.0, a very powerful synthesis tool for inductive bandpass filters has been included. With such a tool, 25-30% BW filters can be automatically designed without the need of post-optimization!

You can see detailed examples for all these types of tools clicking HERE

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