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FEST3D is capable to analyze a wide range of different components. Due to its network approach, the main building blocks are analyzed separately and finally put together to solve the final linear system of equations. In the current version of FEST3D, many elements can be analysed:

Rectangular and Circular waveguides.
Coaxial waveguides.
Coaxial feed excitation. New!
Combline resonators with different shapes. New!
Elliptical waveguides.
Ridged and multi-ridged waveguides.
Cross-shaped irises.
Circular waveguides with posts.
H-plane and E-plane arbitrarily-shaped metallic elements.
Cubic-junction (T-junctions, Magic-tee, corners).
Arbitrarily-shaped waveguides homogeneous
in the propagation direction.
Infinite phased array element.

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