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Version 6.9.x: August 2015

Helical resonators have been included.

Resonant posts can now have rounded corners on top and on the base.

A general coaxial cavity has been added in the coaxial library: it allows, for instance, to use more than one excitation in one single cavity.

Coaxial library interface has been improved.

Multipactor: Added SEY material from The AEROSPACE multipactor standard: AEROSPACE REPORT NO. TOR-2014-02198.

Version November 2014

Improvement of optimizer handling. Info HERE

Corona: Added video feature to see the corona discharge development and location. Info HERE

Version 6.8.6: July 2014

Added Adaptive frequency sampling for analysis and optimizing circuits. Info HERE

Ability to create multiple frequency sweeps. Info HERE

Multipactor: Added video feature to see behaviour of electrons and discharge. Info HERE

Multipactor: Added custom power loops. Info HERE

Multipactor: Added "Stop simulation on fixed time" feature. Info HERE

Corona: Ability to choose manual/automatic initial power. Info HERE

Improved performance on several elements.

Bug fixing.

Version 6.8.5: February 2014

Addition of a new library with elements which are homogeneous in width or height.

EM field computation in the new constant width/height library.

Multipactor and Corona analysis in the new new constant width/height library.

3D Export of the new library elements (y-junction, iris with rounded corners, etc...).

Bug fixing.

Version 6.8.4: October 2013

Acceleration of S-parameter calculation per frequency point (Up to x10 faster).

Acceleration of Corona simulations with improved memory handling.

Acceleration of Multipactor detection by adding new breakdown criteria.

Acceleration of EM field calculation in the coaxial library elements.

Speed-up of inline coaxial-to-waveguide transitions.

Bug fixing.

Version 6.8.3: July 2013

New coaxial excitation library. See it!

Stepped and mittered bends.

Rounded corner iris 3D.

Corona and multipactor: export data to CSV/PNG

Multipactor: Ability to plot SEY

Version 6.7.4: June 2012

Faster "coaxial feed with contact" element.

Dual-mode synthesis tool is now able to synthesize with equalization zeros. Mode TE111 is available.

Added new element ridge-gap waveguide.

Version 6.7.0: October 2011

SPARK3D: Multipactor and Gas discharge (Corona) analysis using HFSS and CST EM output files.

Multipactor and Corona discharge in coaxial (combline/interdigital) filters.

Complete rebuilt of Multipactor and corona user interface.

Dual-mode synthesis tool up to 12 poles.

Acceleration: FEST3D v. 6.7 shall be significantly faster. Parallelization has been improved as well.

FEST3D project exportation: FEST3D project shall be automatically exported to CST and HFSS projects.

Gas discharge at ambient pressure.

Version 6.6: September 2010

64 bit and multithreading.

Coaxial feed with contact (for broadband comb-line filters).

Analysis of Multipactor under multicarrier excitation.

Bandpass synthesis tool: More types of geometries including metal inserts and posts.

Synthesis tool for narrowband dual-mode filters based on cylindrical resonators.

Interface between FEST3D and FEKO.

Version 6.5: March 2010

Advanced lowpass filter synthesis tool including waveguide lowpass filters with and without rounded corners, coupled iris lowpass filters and coaxial lowpass filters. Post-optimization is only required in few extreme cases..

Analysis of comb-line/interdigital filters, which includes the coaxial feed excitation (without contact) and resonators with different shapes: post, re-entrant post and mushroom like.

Complete redesign of the output results window.

Further acceleration of the frequency independent part.

Version 6.0: May 2009

Bandpass synthesis tool with BW up to 25-30% without post-optimization. In this version, only rectangular w/o rounded corners geometries are synthesized.

Analysis of Multipacting in arbitrary-shaped waveguides. This includes coaxial, waffle and ridged elements.

Analysis of Corona (arcing) in arbitrary-shaped waveguides. This includes coaxial, circular, waffle and ridged elements.

H and E-plane irises with rounded corners, metal insets and posts can now be easily analysed.

Export of the geometry to STEP, IGES formats: Circuits based on rectangular, circular and arbitrary-shaped elements can be exported.

Global Optimizer included.

Installer has been improved: installation and working folder directories have been separated.

Version 5.0.2: September 2008: Initial Release

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